How to Register My Team

Online Registration

Registration for all Intramural Sports will be completed through Captains must register teams on IMLeagues and pay the team fee or administrative deposit during the allotted registration periods listed below.

Registration Dates

Registration opens at midnight on the first date listed and closes at 8:00PM on the last date listed.

  • SPRING II SEASON: Monday, February 24 – Tuesday, March 11

Confirming Your Team

Once a team is placed into a league on the website, a captain has until 4:00PM the next business day to pay and confirm his/her team's spot in the league.If a captain has not paid for his/her team by this deadline, his/her team will be placed on the waitlist, and the spot it was in on will become available to other teams. Team fees vary according to team size.
No league will be locked until all four spots have been filled by teams who have paid. Leagues may be temporarily closed while teams who selected a spot in a league are given a chance to pay.


During the registration periods mentioned above, captains can pay for their teams in one of the following ways:

  • Calling the Intramural Sports Office at 740-593-9946740-593-9946 from 12:00PM-5:00PM and paying via credit/debit card.
  • Coming into the Intramural Sports Office located in the Ping Center from 12:00PM-5:00PM and paying via cash, check, or credit debit card.
  • Coming to the Ping Center Control Desk from 5:00PM-8:00PM and paying via cash, check, or credit debit card.

NOTE: Captains will only be able to pay for their teams on days in which the Intramural Sports Office is open during the registration period (i.e., not Saturdays, Sundays or University Holidays).

Team Cost

  • Team sports with five or more players - $50.00
  • Team sports with four or fewer players - $30.00
  • Doubles sports - $20.00
  • Singles sports - $10.00

The costs listed apply to both competitive and recreational leagues. See the table below for a full list of differences between the two league types.






How many regular season games will my team be scheduled for?



Will the regular season schedule be in a round-robin format?



Will there be a single-elimination playoff tournament at the end of the regular season?



Will my team always play during the same timeslot?



Do I have a chance to win an Ohio University Intramural Sports Champions Award?



Do I have a chance to win the Ohio University Intramural Sports Bobcat Challenge Cup?



If my team's Sportsmanship Rating drops below 2.5 at a certain point during the regular season/playoff tournament, will my team be removed from said league/playoffs?



If my team forfeits twice during the regular season, will we be removed from the league?



Will my team be eligible to receive a refund of our Team Fee/Administrative Deposit?




Spring Semester 2014


Spring 2 Sports Offered

11v11 Soccer - M/W/C
4v4 Flag Football - M/W/C
Dodgeball - M/W/CC
Kickball - M/W/C
Badminton - S/D

Captain's Meeting Dates


Captain's Meeting Date & Time

11v11 Soccer - M/W/C Wednesday, March 12th @ 6:00PM OR 8:30PM
4v4 Flag Football - M/W/C Thursday, March 13th @ 6:00PM OR 8:30PM
Kickball - M/W/C Monday, March 17th @ 6:00PM OR 8:30PM
Dodgeball - M/W/C Tuesday, March 18th @ 5:00PM OR 8:00PM
Badminton - S/D Tuesday, March 18th @ 6:30PM OR 9:30PM

**NOTE: Teams need to only be represented at one of the two Captain's Meeting's for the sport(s) they sign up for. Anyone, not just the Captain or a teammate, may attend the Captain's Meeting and represent a team. Unless noted otherwise all Captain's Meetings will be held in the Ping Meeting Rooms and doors will lock promptly at the posted time. No one will be admitted late.


Administrative Return Dates - Recreational Leagues Only

Any team eligible for an Administrative Deposit return should have the captain or team representative report to the Intramural Sports Office (140 A Ping Center) between 12:00PM and 5:00PM on the following dates:



  • SPRING I SEASON:Wednesday, March 12th – Friday, March 14th
  • SPRING II SEASON:Wednesday, April 23rd – Friday, April 25th