The Intramural Sports Program understands that it is a major accomplishment for your team to become "An Intramural Champion," so awards are presented to honor this achievement.

Awards will be presented to each member of a team winning an All Campus Championship who played in a minimum of three-fourths (3/4) of the team's games during the season. Your name must also be on the official team roster in the Intramural Sports Office in order to receive an award.

Awards will also be given to individuals winning an All Campus Championship in singles and doubles activities.

2012 - 2013 Intramural Champions

Fall 1 Session



Men's Softball Champs1

Mens - 6X Super Bowl Champs

Coed Softball Champs
Coed - OU Tang

4v4 Mini Soccer

Coed 4v4 Mini Soccer Champs
Coed - Mean Machine

Mens 4v4 Mini Soccer Champs 3
Men's - FC 4 Life


Sand Volleyball

Men's - Monday Black

Womens Volleyball champ photo
Women's - Sanders

Coed Volleyball Champ
Coed - Fireballs



men's singles tennis
Men's Singles - Bobby Baldino

Men's Doubles Tennis Champs
Men's Doubles - Father & Son

Women's Singles Tennis Champ
Women's Singles - Madeline Palmer


Fall 2 Session

Flag Football

Men's Flag Football Champs
Men's - Go Dig or Go Home

Women's Flag Football Champs
Women's - Moonbeam Dream Team

Coed Flag Football Champs
Coed - Guys and Gals

7v7 Outdoor Soccer

Men's 7v7 Soccer Champ

Men's - Messi'ing Around

Women's 7v7 Soccer Champ
Women's - Ball'n Sockets

Coed 7v7 Soccer Champs
Coed - Giraffe Anatomy


Men's Broomball Champs
Men's - Corporate Espionage

Women's Broomball Champs
Women's - ICE CREW

Coed Broomball Champs
Coed - Twinkle Toes


Floor Hockey

Men's - The Paul North Stars

Coed - Aristotle's Nightgown


3v3 Basketball

Men's - Down South

Women's - The United

Coed - The JumpBobs

Spring Semester

Spring 1

Preseason Basketball Tournament

Preseason Basketball Champs1
Team Leonard



Men's Basketball Champs
Men's - Goon Squad

Women's Basketball Championship
Women's - Balls to the Walls

Coed Basketball Champs
Coed - Lil Boosies


Indoor Volleyball

Men's Indoor Volleyball Champs
Men's - Konoha Elite

Women's Indoor Volleyball Champs
Women's - BBB

Coed Indoor Volleyball Champs
Coed - Black Ops


Indoor Soccer

Men's - The Monsters

Coed - Giraffe Anatomy


Spring 2
4v4 Flag Football

Men's 4v4 Flag Champs
Men's - Biscuit Boys

Coed 4v4 Flag Champs
Coed - Fresher Than Yo Clique


11v11 Outdoor Soccer

Men's 11v11 Soccer Champs
Men's - Messi'ing Around

Coed 11v11 Soccer Champs
Coed - My Little Pwnies



Men's Dodgeball Champs
Men's - D-1 Rejects

Coed Dodgeball Champs
Coed - We'reaimingforthefatone



Men's Singles - I've Heard of the Game (David Neumann)

Men's Doubles - Sports Admin Dynasty Ch. 1