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Workshops include 8 weeks of classes meeting once a week
in one of our specialty fitness areas.
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CYCLING PASS: Make your own Cycling schedule
$35 for ANY 8 cycling classes


is an introduction to classical ballet, with an emphasis on alignment, posture and flexibility.
Emily     Wednesday     5:30-6:30PM     Group Fitness Room

Belly Dancing: CANCELLED

incorporates Middle Eastern inspired movements in creative ways that increase balance, flexibility, and endurance.
Danielle     Thursday     6:30-7:30PM     Combative Arts Room

Circuit Training: CANCELLED

is an hour long strength training, cardio, and plyometrics combination that is incorporated into a supercharged bootcamp.
Josh     Tuesday     5:00-6:00PM     Group Fitness Room

Latin Dance Fusion

Learn a different form of Latin dance each week. Shake it to the Salsa, shimmy to the Samba!
Robert     Thursday     7:45-8:45PM     Combative Arts Room

Indoor Group Cycling:

a 50 minute cycling workshop that will increase your cardiovascular endurance and challenge you through varying resistance hills, climbs, and interval
Monday          Taylor          9:00-9:50AM     Combative Arts Room
Tuesday         Taylor           8:00-8:50AM
                      Stephanie     7:40-8:30PM
Wednesday     Audrey         5:00-5:50PM
Thursday        Audrey          5:00-5:50PM

Hip Hop:

This class is a combination of popular hip-hop techniques and booty shakin' dance routines. This is not a workshop to miss!
Virginia     Monday     6:00-7:00PM     Combative Arts Room

Hoop Dance:

This hour log session teaches you the basics of hoop dance set to modern music.  You will learn various hoop dance moves while getting a great workout.
     Monday     5:00-6:00PM     Combative Arts Room

Power Yoga:

is an intense, quick moving yoga workout that will make you sweat while still maintaining the traditional mind-body benefits of any yoga class. Focusing mainly on Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga, this workshops is sure to re-energize you!
Jenn     Sunday     5:10-6:10PM     Group Fitness Room

Now offering a Workshop Pass: $6 for a single workshop
You can always try a workshop during the semester without long term commitments.


Pre-registration is required to attend Group Fitness Workshops. Please register at the Fitness Service Desk (740.593.9919) or Fitness Office(Rm. 226 of Ping Center).  Campus Recreation accepts cash, credit card (Mastercard/Visa), check. Payment is required at the time of registration.

$35: S/M - OU Students and Ping Center Members
$75: U - University affiliated (faculty/staff, alumni, their spouses and children under 21). Included access into the Ping Center.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

A full refund will only be given if the request is made within 6 days from the start date of the workshop and the patron has not attended a workshop session.  If a patron has attended 1 session they are entitled to a $30 refund. The original receipt that is given at the time of purchase is required for the previously mentioned refunds. (excludes cycling)

If the workshop is canceled due to the minimum enrolled number not being met after the 3rd week of classes an individual is entitled to a $25 refund.

A refund must be claimed by April 26, 2013

*Medical Refunds: A medical refund will be given for any fitness service as long as proof of condition/illness/injury from a doctor is presented.

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