Athens Figure Skating Club 


Members of the Athens Figure Skating Club recieve certain perks for being a member, such as discounts on freestyles, punch cards, and private lesson tickets. You will get to participate in the Athens Figure Skating Club number during the Annual Spring Ice Show. And it is also a great opportunity to meet new friends who have the same hobbies and goals that you do on the ice. It is a wonderful way to make lifelong friends and to be a part of something great!

As well as getting discounts on certain things, when you join as a new member you will recieve a free t-shirt and pin with our Athens Figure Skating Logo!

Athens Figureskating Club

In order to join, contact our Learn to Skate director at 740.597.1458 or by email

First time members registration : $35

You must renew your membership EVERY year if you wish to remain in the club. To renew your membership every year after your first year the payment will be $55.


Discounts for members:

Freestyle Walk-ons - $6.50

Punch Cards - $50 for community member

$30 for OU student member

Private Lesson Coupons - $6.50


Regular prices for non-members:

Freestyle Walk-ons - $7.50

Punch Cards - $60 for community

$40 for OU Student

Private Lesson Coupons - $7.50


In order to receive the membership discounts you must present your membership card to the Pro Shop employee. If you do not have your card with you there is no way they will know if you are a member of the club, and you will have to pay full price. You will receive a membership card following your registration to the club.