Private Lessons 

NOTE: Currently looking for Swim Instructors to assist with this program. Unfortunately, we will have to close additional Private Lesson offerings for Fall Semester 2013 due to the lack of available instructors. We apologize for the inconvenience and we do hope to complete our hire of additional instructors for the Spring 2014 Program. 

Welcome to the Private Learn To Swim Program here at the Aquatic Center. The goal of this program is to provide individual instruction and attention to individuals  that may request additional assistant in the process of learning to swim.  This program follows the same level descriptions at in the group Learn To Swim program. 

Lessons are scheduled and instructors are assigned by the Student Programming Manager for the Aquatic Center.  Private lessons are offered during most Recreation Swim hours and as space allows during the day.  Higher priority is given to previously schedule Academic, Athletic and Campus Recreation Programming already scheduled. 

All sessions are scheduled through the Student Programming Manager.  They can be reached at   All lessons are scheduled based on instructor and facility availability to host the lesson.

Lessons are normally scheduled during Recreational Swimming times at the Aquatic Center

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm*
Saturday & Sunday:                 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm*
*NOTE: Lessons will not be held when facility is closed 

All individual Private Lesson sessions are 30 min in length.  Individuals may purchase up to five (5) lessons at a time, also known as a Private Lesson 5 Pack. 

There are currently two (2) available options for private lessons.

1. One (1) individual 30 min session  -  $20

2. Private Lesson 5 Pack  - $80

PLEASE NOTE: Payment is completed after the Student Programming Manager has scheduled the lessons. Payment can be made at the Front Desk of the Aquatic Center on the first session.  The Recreational Assistant will be there to assist you.  

Registration begins for Fall Semester on August 28th, 2013 and is on-going throughout the semester.

To request a Private Lesson, please provide the following information

1. Name Of Participant
2. Contact Phone Number
3. Contact Email Address
4. Current Swimming Level of the participant. (Descriptions on previous page can help with this)
5. Requested Date and Time of Lesson 

Please send this information to our Student Programming Manager at  Our Programming Manager will be in contact with you about availability and provide you will additional necessary information about your request. 

All Private Lesson instruction offered at the Aquatic Center is under the direction of the student manager and must be employed by the Aquatic Center.  If you wish to offer a private lesson at the Aquatic Center, please contact our Programming Manager of the Aquatics Director for more information.