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Welcome Students 

Ohio University will transition from a quarter-based academic calendar to a semester-based academic calendar in fall 2012. OHIO will divide the academic year into fall, spring and summer terms. Those who have begun their study at OHIO, but will graduate after summer quarter in 2012 are referred to as transition students.

OHIO's pledge to students is that transition students will not experience delay in anticipated degree completion or incur increased costs for degree completion as a result of the transition.

You may want to review the semester academic calendar for a preview of when we will start classes in fall.


Transition advising began in Fall 2011 for some majors and by January about 750 TDCPs had completed the entire process. Others are in the approval process, but several department and the regional campuses will begin transition advising in winter quarter 2012. 

When you receive information from your college, department or advisor -- pay attention! 

It is important that you participate in the transition planning process. Make an appointment as instructed, KEEP your appointment, and make a plan!

All TDCPs should be completed and approved prior to May 1, 2012, if possible.

To find out more about your department or school's transition advising schedule and who your transition advisor will be, go to the department information links and find the department or school where your major resides. Undergraduate and graduate processes may be different -- if you have questions, check with your regular advisor, your department or college office, the Allen Student Help Center (419 Baker Center) or e-mail q2s@ohio.edu.

Each student will meet with an advisor this year to create an individual plan "just for them" to help make the change easy to understand. Here is some good advice to make easy even easier…

  • Complete course sequences  before the change to semesters. (Check with your advisor before beginning sequences that cannot be completed prior to fall 2012.)

  • Take "key" classes  that are foundational to other courses, such as prereqs, before the change to semesters.

  • Take advantage of summer sessions classes  to complete basic requirements and course sequences, if you need to fit in a few extra credits before fall 2012.

  •  If you anticipate graduating before fall 2012 stay on track!  Keep making progress toward completing your degree and you may finish before the transition occurs.

  •  Stay tuned. When you receive messages about Q2S or transition advising, PAY ATTENTION and take the actions recommended in the communication.