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Honors Tutorial College Q2S Information

Transition Advising for HTC students will be conducted during Winter and Spring quarters 2012

Find Your Transition Advisor

Your Q2S advisor will be your regular Director of Studies

Making an Advising Appointment

All HTC students will be contacted by email with instructions about how and when to make an appointment for transition advising and will be responsible for following those instructions and keeping their appointment. The appointment with your Director of Studies should be scheduled by January 10, 2012.

Preparing for Your Advising Appointment

  On the day of your appointment report to your Director of Studies' office on time.

Q2S Questions

For general information about the Q2S transition in the Honors Tutorial College, contact:

       Jan Hodson, Assistant Dean

Questions about your specific program of study should be directed to your Director of Studies.

  TDCP  (Transition Degree Completion Plan) form