Associate Provost for Faculty and Academic Planning

Howard Dewald

Howard Dewald, Associate Provost for Faculty & Academic Planning 

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Academic Program Reviews

Information regarding program reviews can be found on the University Curriculum Council web page at: Included are self-study forms and guidelines, information regarding the restructured academic review process, and much more.

External Reviewers for Program Reviews During 2014-2015

External reviewers must be approved by the office of the executive vice president and provost.  A list of proposed reviewers should be submitted, well in advance of the July 30 deadline, to Dr. Howard Dewald (, Associate Provost for Faculty and Academic Planning and to Anita Leach (, Executive Office Manager.

External reviewer visits must occur no later than February 14 of the ensuing academic year. The internal and external reviewers will prepare a joint site visit report at the time of the site visit.  A copy of the site visit report is to be sent to Howard Dewald and Anita Leach immediately after the visit.*

External Reviewer Travel, Stipends, and Other Information

The Office of the APFAP covers the cost one external review for each undergraduate or graduate program under review.  If a program has both an undergraduate and a graduate component, the office will cover the cost of two reviewers; one for each.  Costs covered include external reviewer stipend ($1,000); travel, lodging, and meals for the external reviewer; and meal meeting costs, within reason. An approximate budget should be submitted, well ahead of the visit date, to Anita Leach for approval.  Departments should make every effort to book flights, hotel rooms, etc. as early as possible, using university policies for employee travel as a guide, to ensure availability and reasonable rates.

Ground Transportation
External Reviewers who live relatively close to Athens (usually under 200 miles) often choose to drive to Athens using their personal vehicle.  In these cases, the reviewers will be paid mileage at the current university rate.  Rental car expenses will be reimbursed.  Reviewers are expected to rent a sub-compact or compact car.  Upgrades are not allowable unless a written explanation of legitimate need is provided to the APFAP office or the upgrade is provided free of charge by the rental agency. Send requests to Anita Leach.

Air Travel
Only coach class tickets will be purchased. If there are extenuating circumstances requiring an upgrade, the external reviewer must cover the cost or provide a written explanation of need before tickets are purchased. The upgrade must be pre-approved.  Send request to Anita Leach. 

Transportation to Ohio University from Port Columbus International Airport
Transportation to and from Port Columbus International Airport can be provided by Ohio University Transportation Services if a car rental is not feasible. Chairs, directors, and other persons close to the programs under review are discouraged from transporting external reviewers themselves. However, members of the review committee may do so. They will receive travel expense reimbursement per university policy.

Lodging and Meals
Reservations for the external reviewer may be made at the Ohio University Inn or at another facility in the immediate area.  The review committee is responsible for arranging transportation to and from the hotel. While the APFAP office covers the cost of the room and meals taken at the hotel, personal phone calls and other personal charges will not be covered.(If meal meetings are scheduled at the OU Inn, arrangements can be made to bill those meals to the external reviewer’s room. See details on meal meetings below.)

Meal Meetings
The UCC representative and the chair, director or coordinator may wish to organize some meetings for the external reviewer around meals or refreshments.  For example, a breakfast or dinner meeting of a core group consisting of the external reviewer, the UCC representative, and the department chair, school director, or program coordinator may be appropriate the night before, or the morning of, the first day of the on-site review.  A luncheon scheduled with this core group to which several faculty from the unit being reviewed are invited would also be appropriate.  For larger groups, students for instance, lighter refreshments such as cookies and punch would be considered appropriate.

Reimbursements to the External Reviewer
Department staff should contact the external reviewer regarding the process for obtaining reimbursement.

*External Reviewer Reports and Stipend
The stipend will be processed once the Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs receives the site visit report.

APFAP Office Contact information:

Howard D. Dewald, Associate Provost for Faculty and Academic Planning, 311 Cutler Hall, 1 Ohio University, Athens, Ohio  45701  (

Anita Leach, Office Manager to Executive Staff, 310 Cutler Hall, 1 Ohio University, Athens, Ohio 45701 (