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Best Practices

 - Both Screen and printer fonts are necessary.
 - Include fonts that are in your EPS graphic files.
Page Design
 - All graphic files should always be included with the final document.
 - Name your files logically.
 - Do not send single page documents, it is very consuming to process them.
 - Do not specify rules as hairline.
 - Bleed should be extended past the edge of the document.
 - For folding, each panel must be short as the pages roll inward.
 - For trapping, do not misuse overprint.
 - RGB images or wrong format.
 - Resolution should be no less than 900-1200dpi.
 - Excessive sizing of images in page layout.
 - Incorrectly defined spot or CMYK colors.
 - Wrong application for the job.
• Packaging the job
 - Confusing or incomplete job communications.
 - No hard copy.
 - Less money you could be charged for in the end.
• PDFs
 - Always preview the finished PDF before sending.