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President's Schedule

As Ohio University’s chief executive officer, the President maintains a very demanding schedule that is planned weeks (and often months) in advance. Despite these constraints, the president is always interested in the thoughtful perspectives, ideas, and feedback from members of the University community. The process for scheduling a meeting with the president begins by submitting a schedule request form online.

Please visit the Office Hours and Contact Information section for more information on communicating with the Office of the President.

January 27,  9:00 AM
President's Office Hours
Cutler Hall 108


January 28,  10:00 AM
Russ Gift Oversight Committee Meeting
Stocker 108


January 28,  2:30 PM
Capital Funding & Priorities Committee Meeting
Cutler First Floor Conference Room


January 29,  9:00 AM
WATH Party Line Appearance
WATH Studios, Columbus Rd, Athens, OH


January 29,  5:30 PM
Council on Foreign Relations
CFR Headquarters, New York, New York


February 3,  10:00 AM
NCAA Council on Academics Teleconference
Cutler 108


February 3,  11:00 AM
Administrative Senate Executive Committee
Cutler Hall


February 3,  2:30 PM
Bobcat Coffee Hour
1804 Lounge OR President's Dining Room


February 3,  4:00 PM
Meeting with Beth Quitslund, Pam Benoit
Cutler 108


February 3,  6:15 PM
Reception for Ira Flatow, Kennedy Series Guest
Memorial Auditorium


February 4,  10:00 AM
Open Office Hours
Cutler 108


February 5,  11:00 AM
Meeting with Tyrone Carr
Cutler 108


February 5,  2:00 PM
Comprehensive Master Plan Consultant
Cutler Hall


February 5,  3:00 PM
Meeting with Mayor Paul Wiehl and City Safety Services Director Paula Horan Mosely
Cutler 108


February 6,  9:00 AM
Meeting with Diane Bouvier and Iyna Baiye
Cutler 108


February 9,  8:00 AM
MAC Council of President's Meeting
Indianapolis, IN


February 10,  10:00 AM
IUC Presidents Council Meeting
IUC Offices, Columbus, OH


February 11,  3:00 PM
Council on Academics Meeting Prep Teleconference
Cutler Hall


February 12,  4:45 PM
Foundation Board of Trustees Officers Meeting
TBD/Ohio University Inn


February 13,  8:00 AM
Advancement Committee Meeting, Ohio University Foundation Board of Trustees
Ballroom, OU Inn


February 13,  9:10 AM
Membership Committee Meeting
Lindley Room, OU Inn


February 17,  8:00 AM
NCAA Committee on Academics Meeting
Indianapolis, IN


February 18,  1:30 PM
Classified Senate Executive Committee with President McDavis
Cutler Hall


February 18,  6:30 PM
Distinguished Professor Unveiling
Baker Theater Lounge


February 19,  1:30 PM
Meeting with Graduate Student Senate
Cutler Hall


February 20,  11:00 AM
Bobcat Coffee Hour
1804 Lounge or President's Dining Room


February 20,  1:30 PM
Meeting with Student Senate President
Cutler Hall


February 21,  12:00 PM
Rededication of Kermit Blosser OHIO Athletic Hall of Fame


February 21,  2:00 PM
Ohio Men's Basketball v. Kent State
Athens, OH


February 23,  8:30 AM
President's Council Meeting
Cutler Hall


February 23,  12:00 PM
Executive Staff Meeting
Cutler Hall 1st Floor Conference Room


February 24,  1:30 PM
President's Office Hours
Cutler Hall 108


February 24,  1:30 PM
Open Office Hours
Cutler Hall


February 24,  6:00 PM
National Academy of Engineering Awards
Washington, D.C.


February 25,  8:00 AM
Executive Staff and Deans Meeting
Multicultural Center's Multipurpose Room, Baker Center, 2nd Floor


February 27,  3:30 PM
Presentation to OU Alumni Board of Directors
Dublin, OH


April 1,  2:00 PM
President's Office Hours
Cutler Hall 108


April 22,  10:00 AM
President's Office Hours
Cutler Hall 108



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From the President's Desk

Public Schedule

1/27/15 9:00 AM

President's Office Hours

1/28/15 10:00 AM

Russ Gift Oversight Committee Meeting

1/28/15 2:30 PM

Capital Funding & Priorities Committee Meeting