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President's Schedule

As Ohio University’s chief executive officer, the President maintains a very demanding schedule that is planned weeks (and often months) in advance. Despite these constraints, the president is always interested in the thoughtful perspectives, ideas, and feedback from members of the University community. The process for scheduling a meeting with the president begins by submitting a schedule request form online.

Please visit the Office Hours and Contact Information section for more information on communicating with the Office of the President.

April 19,  11:15 AM
Duel for the Schools - "Amazing Race" Welcome Remarks
Peden Stadium


April 19,  12:00 PM
International Street Fair
Court Street


April 21,  3:00 PM
Meeting with Mayor Paul Wiehl and Service Safety Director Paula Horan-Moseley
Mayor's Office


April 22,  9:00 AM
Meeting with Student Trustees
Cutler Hall


April 22,  9:30 AM
Update with Board of Trustees Secretary Dr. Pete Mather
Cutler Hall


April 22,  11:00 AM
Meeting with Mid-American Conference Commissioner Jon Steinbercher
Cutler Hall


April 22,  1:30 PM
Meeting with Faculty Athletic Representatives Robert Colvin and Ann Gabriel


April 22,  2:00 PM
Meeting with Graduate Student Senate President Joel Newby


April 22,  3:00 PM
Classified Senate Executive Committee Meeting


April 22,  5:30 PM
Office of Nationally Competitive Awards Reception
Park Place


April 23,  9:40 AM
Guest Lecture, Comparative Public Policy Class
Bentley Hall 210


April 23,  1:30 PM
Meeting with Student Senate President Anna Morton
Cutler Hall


April 24,  8:00 AM
National Collegiate Athletic Association Board of Directors Meeting
Indianapolis, IN


April 25,  9:30 AM
OHIO Up Close and Transfer Day


April 25,  2:00 PM
Faculty and Staff Employee Appreciation Event, Ice Cream Social
Wolfe Garden


April 25,  5:00 PM
Pi Beta Phi 125th Anniversary Celebration


April 25,  6:00 PM
Russ College Spring Awards Celebration


April 26,  6:30 PM
Student Senate Alumni Society Dinner
Ping Recreational Center


April 29,  1:30 PM
Update with Vice President of Student Affairs Ryan Lombardi


April 29,  2:00 PM
The Interlink Alliance Update with Director Tyrone Carr
Cutler Hall


April 29,  3:00 PM
Conversation over Coffee
President's Dining Room


April 30,  11:00 AM
Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Advisory Board Meeting
Columbus, OH


April 30,  5:00 PM
Student Senate Meet and Greet
Athens, OH


May 1,  10:00 AM
Commencement Rehearsal
Convocation Center


May 2,  9:00 AM
Graduate Commencement
Convocation Center


May 3,  8:00 AM
Undergraduate Commencement
Convocation Center



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April 18, 2014
New Diversity Advisory Council created to address University and community issues
University named Green College by Princeton Review
University streamlining of Workers' Compensation/Extended Sick Leave return to work process

Public Schedule

4/19/14 11:15 AM

Duel for the Schools - "Amazing Race" Welcome Remarks

4/19/14 12:00 PM

International Street Fair

4/21/14 3:00 PM

Meeting with Mayor Paul Wiehl and Service Safety Director Paula Horan-Moseley