Political Communication Certificate Program


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Herrick, Jennifer

"The POCO program afforded me a lot of unique opportunities at
O.U. It gave me the chance to focus my studies, take part in a
variety of events, and build a strong academic and professional
background. Now living and working in the nation's capital, I'm
putting POCO to use in the real world" (2005). Jennifer Herrick is a
2004 graduate working as a legislative associate in the Public
Policy Department for People for the American Way.

Laber, Natalie

Natalie is a 2004 graduate who started her career in Congressman
Dennis J. Kucinich, representing Ohio's 10th District, office on the
Hill. Natalie was promoted to Press Secretary for Congressman
Kucinich, a position she held until late in 2007. Natalie is currently
the Communications and Outreach Manger for The Equal Rights
Center, a non-profit organization that works mostly on housing
issues for minorities and people with disabilities.

Odom, Erick

"Oprah Winfrey once said, 'luck is a matter of preparation meeting
opportunity.' What the POCO program does is gives us the
preparation we need for the opportunities we will receive with a
degree. I would say that the Political Communication Certificate
Program goes beyond its title and teaches/enhances our
communication skills for everyday life in general" (2006). Erick, a
2005 graduate, is a Dean of Students and a Teaching Fellow in
New York City.

Zeigler, Kevin

"The benefit from the POCO program is two-fold. As a voter I have
gained insight into campaign strategies which help me make
informed decisions. As a public relations professional, I gained
confidence in my ability to communicate in political
arenas" (2007). Kevin, a 2006 graduate, is a Senior Public
Relations Associate for Cleveland Clinic.

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Political Communication Certificate Program
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