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Determination of Status for Administrative Positions

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To provide the policy and procedure for review of administrative positions to assure compliance with the regulations of the State Civil Service Code and the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.


Review of Status

All administrative positions which have a starting salary of $13,000* or less must be reviewed by the Director of Personnel to determine their proper status (contract or classified) before commitment is made to a prospective employee and before an employee is placed in the position.

Determination of Status

A position description for each administrative position which has *a starting rate of $13,000 or less must be prepared by the employing department and submitted to the Personnel Department for review.

The Personnel Department will review the position description, investigate details of the position with the employing department head, and will determine the status of the position applying guidelines of the Civil Service Code and Fair Labor Standards Act.

Notification of Status

The Personnel Department will notify the employing department head in writing of the status of the position.

Exempt - Unclassified:

If the position is determined to be exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act and eligible for unclassified service, it will be stated as a contract position, and the department head must submit a request for appointment.

Non Exempt - Classified:

If the position is determined to be with the State Civil Service Classification status, the classification, pay range, step, and starting salary will be determined by the Personnel Department and the job will be filled in accordance with the job posting and transfer procedure.

Contract Review

All administrative contracts for amounts of $13,000* or less will be reviewed and initiated by the Personnel Director before being processed for payroll purposes to assure compliance with this policy.


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