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Date Issued:     06/15/01

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To define the categories and policies and procedures for making consistent and productive administrative appointments for appointees at Ohio University.


It is the policy of Ohio University to provide to the best of its ability, employment conditions which enhance the opportunity for the University in achieving its goals, at least in part, through the personal and professional efforts of its appointees.

Ohio University has the right to define its purposes and priorities, and to require high standards of performance by each appointee in accordance with institutional objectives and an agreed-upon statement of the appointee's responsibilities. Each individual who holds an appointment has the right to express his/her professional beliefs in accordance with Ohio University policies and legal standards. He/she has the duty to conduct him/herself as a responsible citizen and to uphold the highest possible personal and professional standards. The appointee may participate in any lawful on or off-campus activity in accordance with Ohio University policies, provided that in doing so he/she is not compromising the ability of the Ohio University to maintain its programs or attain its goals.

All appointments will adhere to appointment and posting requirements as set forth by Ohio University Policy and Procedure # 40.120 (Contract Positions Openings, Posting of) and # 40.121 (Contract Positions, Filling of).

All appointees will be assisted as much as possible to reach their professional and career goals through internal professional development programs and other professional development programs.


  1. New Appointments
  2. a. New appointees to the administration of Ohio University will be given letters of appointment and written statements indicating the nature of their duties.

    b. A new appointee will be invited to an annual performance evaluation by March 15 of the first year of service (Policy and Procedure # 40.005) by his/her immediate supervisor. The position description should be reviewed by the appointee and the immediate supervisor at the time of the annual performance evaluation. If an appointee is renewed after the first evaluation the appointee should have an expectancy of continued reemployment for future years assuming satisfactory

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    performance. Ohio University's goal is to have a continuing relationship with an appointee; and an appointment can only be terminated in accordance with Ohio University's Policy and Procedure # 41.012 (Termination for Cause: Non-Renewal, Suspension, Demotion or Dismissal of Contract Administrator) and # 41.013 (Termination: Non-Renewal Based on Discontinuance of Position of Contract Administrator).

    c. If the appointee does not receive an annual performance evaluation by March 15 in any given year, said appointee may assume that his/her performance was satisfactory.

    d. New appointees to the administration of Ohio University will also be given materials compiled by University Human Resources, describing and explaining the Group LIfe Insurance Plan, and various health insurance plans, the Public Employees Retirement System of Ohio, Alternative Retirement Plans (ARP), the Travel Accident Insurance Plan, the Ohio University Employees' Credit Union, the tax deferred annuities program, educational benefits, drug and alcohol brochure, the policies relating to administrators and any other orientation materials.

    e. The renewal of an appointment in no way implies any salary increase in any year or successive years. Compensation shall be in accordance with Policy and Procedure # 40.036, (Administrative and Professional Pay Plan) and Ohio University guidelines on annual salary determination(s).

  3. Special Appointments
  4. It is recognized that in some areas of the University there are positions dependent upon financial support from sources other than University general operating and auxiliary funds.

    a. Special appointees will be provided with a written statement clearly setting forth the nature of the appointments and their dependence upon outside -funding. The letter covering such an appointment will indicate that it is a "Special Appointment".

    b. In cases of termination for budgetary reasons or a function is eliminated, Policy # 41.013, does not apply to such Special Appointments. Written notice of termination for financial reasons would be given as far in advance of the anticipated termination date as circumstances permit.

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  5. Term Appointments
  6. In some cases it is necessary to make appointments of a temporary nature without intention of continuing employment.

    a. Term appointments are appointments made for specified periods of time. A letter will be provided, not to exceed twelve months, and shall be called a Term Appointment.

    b. Appointees to such positions will be provided with written statements clearly setting forth the transitory nature of their appointments.

    c. The letter covering such an appointment will indicate that it is a Term Appointment.

    d. The policy and procedure(s) regarding contract termination do not apply to Term Appointments.

    e. Term Appointments may be extended or renewed in increments not to exceed twelve months if the original grant or assignment was for more than twelve months and an extension is necessary for the completion of the project.

    f. If the term of the initial appointment covers portions of two (2) fiscal years and two (2) separate letters are issued, this shall not be considered a contractual renewal.

  7. Familial Appointments
  8. In some cases family members may work in the same department.

    a. Members of an immediate family may work in the same department. However, no member of an immediate family may directly supervise or be involved in the hiring or promoting of members of that immediate family. Immediate family is defined as mother, father, children, stepchildren, grandchildren, legal wards, siblings, aunt, uncle, spouse, in-laws, grandparents, or legal guardian.

    b. Appointment of family members to an appointment shall be made in accordance with Sections 1, 2 and 3 of this policy and other Ohio University policies an procedures regarding administrative appointments.

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