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Policy on Rehiring of Retired Administrative and Classified Employees

SUPERCEDED on August 17, 2009

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Date Issued:     8/29/01

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A Committee on Rehiring consisting of the Provost, Vice President for Administration, and Vice President for Finance shall be the sole determiners of such full-time retirement/rehire requests involving administrative and classified employees. The decision of the committee will not be subject to any grievance procedure.

The Committee shall be convened by the Assistant to the President who shall keep the President informed of requests and action taken thereon.

Should a request for rehiring following retirement come from within a committee member's area, that committee member must excuse himself/herself from all consideration of the individual's request. The Executive Assistant to the President for Institutional Equity shall replace the excused committee member for deliberation of the request.

This policy applies to the possible rehiring of individuals who have retired from Ohio University and are being considered for rehiring by the University in the same or similar position. Rehiring an administrative or classified employee who has elected to retire will be the exception rather than the rule. The rehiring of employees in the same or similar positions but at less than .5 FTE would be subject to the usual Ohio University hiring procedures administered by the Office for Institutional Equity and University Human Resources.

Ohio University permits the rehiring of such employees under the following conditions:

  1. The individual's prior performance at the University has been exceptional.

  2. The planning unit head shall provide a written proposal regarding the uniqueness of the individual's skills or knowledge and provide a plan to review the performance of the retired individual within a three (3) year period.

  3. The individual is rehired on a renewable term contract for a period of up to three (3) years and will be subject to annual performance review. If a unit wishes to again consider rehiring an individual once a three (3) year period of such employment has been completed, the same process as described in point 2 is to be employed.

  4. The individual is not eligible for rehiring beyond age 70 and will sign an agreement incorporating an ADEA wavier.

  5. The individual is approved for rehiring by the Committee on Rehiring.

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