Ping Institute Events

"I have attended many one and two day summer programs. Each and every one has proven to be interesting and rewarding to me as a high school teacher. It is a genuine pleasure to explore topics which broaden my perspective on the world by exposing me to new and updated research. Thank you for making me a better teacher." -A workshop attendee

Ping Institute Activities for Ohio University Faculty Members

One of the goals of the Ping Institute is to provide opportunities for humanities teachers to get together to share teaching and research interests. Each academic year, usually during the fall and spring terms, the Institute hosts a wine and cheese reception for Ohio University humanities faculty. Winter quarter, a faculty symposium is held with a distinguished invited guest. Following the afternoon symposium, faculty members continue the discussion at dinner. An invitation to the event is sent to all humanities faculty at Ohio University. The first twenty who respond are included in the symposium and dinner, funded by the Institute.

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Ping Institute Activities for High School Teachers

The Ping Institute regularly sponsors two types of activities for high school humanities teachers:one-day workshops offered on Saturday during the academic year and week-long Summer Institutes. Teachers throughout Ohio and the surrounding region are invited to participate in both activities.The one-day workshops are sometimes organized in conjunction with the School of Theater at Ohio University so that participants have the opportunity to attend a performance of the play under discussion.In addition to financial support from the Ping Institute, the summer programs have received funding from the Ohio Humanities Council and the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation.

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In addition to the one-day workshops for school teachers, the Ping Institute for the Teaching of the Humanities also sponsors an annual week-long Summer Institute for high school teachers.

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