Webcomics are amazing things. Anyone can make one nowadays, and all they need to do is find a website to host it on to share it with the world. There's all sorts of genres, although I've mostly run into fantasy; I have seen historical fiction, science fiction, romance, and comedy based webcomics. There are also horror ones, but I stay away from those. The only genre I haven't seen yet is tragedy, although I'm sure someone's made one.

Someday I aim to run my own webcomic, and I'm currently planning a collaboration with my partner. My favorite part is worldbuilding, which can be a problem since I tend to go overboard. Currently I've developed the general society and some of the biology of the species I'm writing, and all that's left to work on is their language. I have the basic concepts of it in mind, but I plan to create at least a handful of common words that I can draw off quickly if needed.

There are several webcomics that I highly recommend! One is A Redtail's Dream, which you can start here. It has beautiful art and an engaging episodic plot! It is a finished comic and no longer updates; there is a book of it for sale, which you can probably find somewhere on the comic's website. Another comic is Nimona, which is still updating but the artist has stated is finishing soon; find it here. The main characters are a very sweet villain named Balister Blackheart, and Nimona, a shapeshifter that really wants to be his sidekick and creates many changes in Balister's life. It uses a somewhat less formal style than A Redtail's Dream, but the art is nonetheless delightful.

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