I absolutely love to play basketball and I've been playing for as long as I can remember. Basketball It's a lot of fun and great exercise for you. Throughout my years of playing I have made a lot of friends from different schools and still play basketball with them every now and then. When my career is over basketball will still be a part of my life. Since my winters will be free I can watch other games like OU and other divison one college games.

I knew that I wanted to still play basketball after I graduated high school and saw that OUL was the closest branch campus to play at. This will be my third year playing on the team and tryouts start October first. Gym The past few years we've only had around twelve guys tryout so everyone has made the team. Our first game is November eleventh so we only have around a month to practice, that should be plenty of time. I am just really excited to play so everyone should come out and support us.

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