CTCH 1270: Website Management

My name is Yoojung and I am a senior at Ohio University majoring in applied management. After summer semester, fall semester will be my last semester at Ohio University as an undergraduate. After graduation, I would like to work in the healthcare industry. It is my long-term goal to obtain my masters degree in business administration.

Due to the fact that I have already taken a good portion of my major courses during my previous semester at Ohio University, I am now left with taking my electives to fulfill the undergraduate degree requirement. I chose to take the CTCH 1270 course because it sounded like an interesting topic and a topic that I could benefit from

Since I do not have much knowledge in html or website making of any sort, I use Google a lot to help with my coursework. When I am confused, I like to research further about what I am learning about. I look forward to learning about many more aspects in html and website making in the upcoming weeks!

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