Todd Young

Dynamics in Biology Research Group - Spring 2014.

Front: Xue Gong, Todd Young, Kara Finley. Back: Richard Buckalew, Ying Xin, Winfried Just, Danielle Witt, Valentin Afraimovich, Greg Moses, Bismark Oduro, Will Clark. Missing: Nathan Breitsch, Philip Miller.

Professor of Mathematics
Ohio University

My mission: To contribute to transformative progress in biology and medicine through the application of dynamical systems ideas and to give students at all levels exciting and rigorous training in the mathematical sciences that will help them to have productive, rewarding careers.

New Professor Lecture, April 2011

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  • 2014-15 Visiting University of Warwick
  • Department of Mathematics
    Ohio University
    Athens, OH 45701
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Education & Professional Experience


Materials for the textbook "Introduction to Numerical Methods and Matlab Programming for Engineers" by Young and Mohlenkamp.

Introduction to Numerical Math and Matlab Programming

Ohio University's MATLAB Homework Page

1804 Project - Computational Technology in the Calculus and Beyond

Book: Technology in College Math - A Simple Approach

The Matlab Workbook - A Supplement for Calculus, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra.

Current Students

Xue (Shirley) Gong
PhD Mathematics; active since Fall 2010. Project: Dynamical modeling of the cell cycle in large ensembles of cells with cell-cell feedback.
Philip Miller
Bachelors Biology expected 2016; active since Fall 2012. Projects: Cell cycle dynamics and Chagas Disease modeling, with W. Just.

Past Students

Kara Finley
B.S. Biology 2014. Projects: Dynamical modeling of the cell cycle in large ensembles of cells with cell-cell feedback and applications in Drosophila embryos. Experiments on related to early detection of ventilator associated pneumonia. Currently: Ph.D. student in the Cancer and Cell Biology Program at the University of Cincinnati.
William Clark
Bachelors Math and Mechanical Engineering 2014. Project: Computations of models of epidemiology of Chagas disease, with W. Just. Currently: Ph.D. program in Applied Mathematics, University of Michigan.
Gregory Moses
PhD Mathematics Summer 2015. Project: Dynamical modeling of the cell cycle in large ensembles of cells with cell-cell feedback.
Richard Bucklew
Ph.D. Mathematics 2014. Dissertation: Dynamical modeling of the cell cycle in large ensembles of cells with cell-cell feedback. Currently: Postdoc at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI) in Columbus, Ohio.
Danielle Witt
B.S. Math and Physics 2014; active 2012-14. Projects: Computation of random dynamical systems, with A. Neiman and simulation of movement of filaments in axons with P. Jung. Currently: Masters in applied math student at Wright State University.
Nathan Brietch
B.S. HTC Mathematics 2014; active 2011-2014 Project: Dynamical modeling of the cell cycle in large ensembles of cells with cell-cell feedback. Won Outstanding HTC Thesis Award. Currently masters student in computer science at Kent State Univesity.
Ben Elbert
M.S. Applied Math 2012; active 2010-12. Project: Computation of Lyapunov exponents and conversion between continuous and Boolean dynamical systems, with W. Just. Currently at Alliance Data, Columbus OH.
Neal Burk
B.S. Mathematics 2011; active 2010-2011. Project: Computations of cell cycle systems. Interned with Sherwin Williams. M.S. in accounting. Currently an associate at Ernst and Young in Cleveland.
Mike Smith
M.S. Applied Mathematics 2011; active 2009-2011. Project: Computations of cell cycle systems. Currently studying for doctorate in Math Ed at Ohio U.
Derrick Sturgill
M.S. Applied Math 2011; active 2009-2011. Project: Computations of cell cycle systems. Currently studying for doctorate in Math Ed at Ohio U.
Andrew DiLullo
B.S. 2007. Project: Using Potential Function in binary classification. Finished a PhD Physics at Ohio University. Currently: Postdoctoral Researcher at Argonne National Laboratory
Shannon McDonough
B.S. Actuarial Science 2005. Project: Organization of Matlab learning materials. Currently: Biostatistician at SWOG - leading cancer research.
Hans Kicken
B.S. 2003. Project: Computations of Schelling's model of segregation. Currently: Working in the insurance industry in the Charlottesville Virginia Area.
Russell Francis
B.S. Chemical Engineering 2003 and M.S. Applied Math 2008. Project: Computation of adiabatic invariants under separatrix crossings in Hamiltonian systems. Currently working for a security startup company based in Pittsburgh.
Kiffany Keyes
B.S. Math 2003. Project: Organization of Matlab learning materials. Currently teaching High School in Clevelend.
Mohamed Usman
M.S. Applied Math 2001. Project: Computation of adiabatic invariants under separatrix crossings in Hamiltonian systems. Currently: Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Dayton.
Mike Saum
M.S. Applied Math 1999. Project: Parallel computation of observed rotation numbers in dynamical systems. Currently Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Georgia Gwinnett College.


General Interest:

Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems. Especially: Global Bifurcation Theory, Random Dynamical Systems and Applications to Biological Systems

Publications and Preprints

Seminar Talks

Current Projects and Sample Publications:

Dynamical Systems on Tensor Approximations

This is a new project lead by Martin Mohlenkamp and funded by the NSF DMS grant #1418787

Cell Cycle Dynamics and Clustering

This is a very broad project including both applied and pure mathematical parts. The project web site has details. It is a joint project with Erik Bozcko formerly of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and now at Ohio University. It was funded by a Joint DMS/NIGMS Initiative to Support Research in the Area of Mathematical Biology grant NIH-NIGMS R01GM090207.

ODE, RDE and SDE Models of Cell Cycle Dynamics and Clustering in Yeast, Erik M. Boczko, Tomas Gedeon, Chris C. Stowers and T.R. Young, J. Biological Dynamics 4, July 2010, 328–345.

Clustering in Cell Cycle Dynamics with General Responsive/Signaling Feedback, T.R. Young, B. Fernandez, R. Buckalew, G. Moses, E. Boczko, J. Theor. Biology 292 (2012), 103-115.

Cell Cycle Dynamics: Clustering is Universal in Negative Feedback Systems, N. Breitsch, G. Moses, T.R. Young, E. Boczko, J. Math. Biology, to appear.

Pulmonary Infection and Immunity

This is joint work with Erik Bozcko and Erin Murphy, Department of Biomedical Sciences in the College of Medicine at Ohio University. We are seeking to develop a new non-invasive monitoring technique, invented by Bozcko, to mitigate ventilator associated pneumonia. We are also seeking to use the monitoring technique as a tool to non-invasively study the human immune system in the lungs. We are currently funded by the college Research and Scholarly Affairs Committee

A Low Dimensional Dynamical Model of the Pulmonary Innate Immune Response to Infection, T.R. Young, R. Buckalew, A.K. May, E.M. Boczko, Math. Biosciences 235 (2012), 189-200. Doi: 10.1016/j.mbs.2011.12.004.

Non-Invasive detection of pulmonary pathogens in ventilator-circuit filters by PCR. R.J. Isaacs, K. Debelak, P.R. Norris, J.M. Jenkins, J.C. Rooks, T.R. Young, A.K. May, E.M. Boczko, Amer. J. Translational Research 4 (1) (2012), 72-82. PMC: 3276378.

Modularity and other aspects of Neural Networks

This is joint work with Valentin Afraimovich, my advisor, Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí and Mikhail Rabinovich at the Institute for Nonlinear Science at UC San Diego.

Nonlinear dynamics of emotion-cognition interaction: When emotion does not destroy cognition?, V. Afraimovich, T.R. Young, M.K. Muezzinoglu, M. Rabinovich, Bulletin Mathematical Biology, 73 (2011), 266-284.

Questions about Random Dynamical Systems and Bifurcations with Bounded Noise

This is a joint project with Ale Jan Homburg in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Amsterdam.

Hard bifurcations in dynamical systems with bounded random perturbations, with A.J. Homburg, Regular & Chaotic Dynamics 11 (2006), 247-258.

The Hopf bifurcation with bounded noise, R.T. Botts, A.J. Homburg, T.R. Young, Discrete Cont. Dynam. Systems - A. 32 (2012), 2997-3007.

Random Questions about Dynamical Systems and Bifurcations

My research started in the area of Global Bifurcation Theory of Smooth Dynamical Systems. I continue to be interested in the general theory of dynamical systems. Some recent publications representing this aspect of my research include:

Topological entropies for equivalent smooth flows, W.X.~Sun, T.R. Young and Y.H.~Zhou, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 361 (2009), 3071-3082.

Higher Order Birkhoff Averages, Thomas Jordan, Vincent Naudot and T.R. Young, Dynamical Systems 361 (2009), 3071-3082..

Signed Distance Function as a Tool for Binary Classification

This project is a joint effort with Erik Bozcko

Comparison of binary classification based on signed distance functions with support vector machines, E.~Boczko, D.~Wu, M.H.~Xie and T.R. Young, Proc. Ohio Collaborative Conference on Bioinformatics, 2006.

Some Past Conferences:

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