Dec. 2010 - Sep. 2011: AVIC Cup-International UAV Innovation Grand Prix
The AVIC Cup is an international UAV competition for not only universities but also industry, with a grand prize of RMB 500,000. Xudan Xu's team, "X Aviator", won the third place in this competition with their uniquely designed UAV, autopilot, and ground station. Ms. Xu was responsible for developing the ground station. And she also worked as the ground station pilot, controlling and monitoring the plane during its flights.

Aug. 2006 - Aug. 2009: CCTV ABU Robocon Competition
CCTV ABU Robocon is the Chinese Qualifying Competition for the Asian-Pacific Robot Contest. There are 40 competition teams on average in this competition every year. Xudan Xu participated three times. For two of them, she was the team counselor. She helped the team to obtain the Top 8 in 2009.

The competision rules change every year. But basically, it involves Control, Navigation, Guidance, Trajectory Plan, Identification, Tactic Strategy Design, etc.

Team Members [PDF]

Testing Video [WMV]
Dec. 2009 - Apr. 2010: A Control and Monitoring System for the Soymilk Production Process
A control system for a special soymilk production process with a user-friendly interface was developed based on the Atmel 128 processor. The system can control, monitor, and save the process based on the commands given by its operators. The data communication follows the USB 1.0 protocol.

This project is the project for which Ms. Xu got her patent.
Nov. 2008 - Apr. 2009: A Measurement and Control System based on LabView and 1553B
A real-time data collection and control system was developed with LabView, following the 1553B protocol. The system was built with NI and DDC evaluation kits.