Ohio University
Nonlinear Systems
Optimal Control Theory
Linear State-Space Control Systems
Flight Control
Beihang University
Numerical Analysis
Functional Analysis
Matrix Theory
Linear System
Optimal Estimation
Modern Flight Control Systems
Navigation Principle
Virtual Instrument Design and Simulation
Virtual Reality Techniques and Applications
Computer Net
Online Course
Control of Mobile Robots
Magnus Egerstedt. Georgia Institude of Technology.
Jan 28th 2013. [CERTIFICATION]
Game Theory
Yoav Shoham, Matthew Jackson, Kevin Leyton-Brown
Stanford University. The University of British Columbia
Jan 7th 2013. [CERTIFICATION]
Artificial Intelligence Planning
Gerhard Wickler and Austin Tate. The University of Edinburgh
Jan 28th 2013. [CERTIFICATION]
Machine Learning
Andrew, Ng. Stanford University
Aug 13th 2013. [CERTIFICATION]