Shiyong Wu, Ph.D.


Professor-Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Director & Principal Investigator-Edison Biotechnology Institute

Member-Molecular & Cellular Biology Program

Konneker Research Labs, The Ridges

Ohio University, Athens, OH


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We are interested in three research areas:


1. Radiation (UVR and IR)-induced, ROS/RNS (O2•−, OH, NO, ONOO et al)-mediated regulation of translation (EIF2AK activation and eIF2 alpha phosphorylation), ER-stress, NF-kappaB activation, apoptosis and autophagy.


2. Radiation (UVR and IR)-induced, membrane raft domains-mediated redistribution/aggregation of cell surface protein, cell-cell interaction and apoptosis.


3. Identification and characterization of natural and synthetic chemicals and small peptides for chemoprevention, radio-sensitization/protection and improvement of innate immune response.




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