Research Interests and Relevant Links:

Ohio Coal Research Center - Laminar Electrostatic Precipitator

MIT Development-Laboratory - Sugarcane Charcoal

Solid Fuel Combustion - Prof. Hallett's Packed Bed Combustor

Sandia National Laboratory - Combustion Research Facility

NIST Heat Release Estimation by O2 Consumption Measurement

Dr. Babrauskas's Discussion of Heat Release Measurements

Wind Power

    Wind Resource Assessment - Ohio & Puerto Rico (Coming Soon!)

    Green Energy Ohio

    Intro to Wind Power

Wave Power

    Ocean Power Technologies

    Ohio University's Center for Energy, Economics and the Environment (in the News)

Mini Hydropower

    Eldis's Report on Sustainable Micro Hydropower

Human Power

    International Human Powered Vehicle Association

    Human Powered Vehicle Association - U.S.

    Human Power - The technical journal of the IHPVA

    Trevor Baylis & the Wind-Up Radio - BBCWorld Archive

    2006 publication -

Womeldorf, C. A.; Hold Paramount: Designing an Engineering Education to Open Minds and Serve the Public Good submitted to the American Society of Engineering Education for presentation at the ASEE Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois, USA, June 2006.

    ASEE - American Society of Engineering Education

    The Foundation Coalition - Links to engineering concept inventories

    Fluent - Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Selected publication:

Holmberg, D. G.; Womeldorf, C. A.; Grosshandler, W. L.; “Design and Uncertainty Analysis of a Second-Generation Convective Heat Flux Calibration Facility.” Proceedings.  Heat Transfer Division. Vol. 4. HTD-Vol. 364-4. Nov. 1999, Nashville, TN, ASME, 65-70 pp, 2001.


More to come....