song recordings a la wenda

Some recordings of electric harp stuff

Solo Electric Harp and Vox: These are one-take songs recorded in the air with a borrowed palm recorder.

Two Faces (Bruce Springsteen) (2 MB mp3) If I could be as two-faced as Bruce Springsteen, I think my problems would be over.

Fixing a Hole (Lennon) (2.18 MB mp3) Works surprisingly well, if I can just fix the hole in the second verse.

The Dress Looks Nice on You (Sufjan Stevens) (0.99 MB mp3) Ok, I ALMOST can sing this :)

Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead) (3.93 MB mp3) It seems kind of slow to me, but people love this.

I'm Yours (Jason Mraz) (2.18 MB mp3) One of the peppiest "feel-good" songs, ever, that is a blast to sing.

John Wayne Gacy (Sufjan Stevens) (2.18 MB mp3) Haunting and surreal. Spookiest words ever.

My Favorite Mistake (Sheryl Crow) (2.18 MB mp3) My second favorite mistake is where I played that G instead of the A.

Numa Numa (by Romanian band, O'Zone) (2 MB mp3) Dedicated to Taylor Vosler, this song is part of his family's longtime traditional heritage. (not!)

What Do You Want From Me (Monaco) (1.79 MB mp3) This song begs for vicious drums. And maybe a small can of tuna to tame the wildcat in me.

In God's Country (U2) (2.11 MB mp3) I can't tell if this works or not. Does it??

Electric Harp With Drums, Bass, etc.

Face in the Crowd (Tom Pettey) (3.36 MB mp3). This is an older recording with my ex singing and playing bass, with drums, and me singing. One of my fav songs ever.

I Can't Dream (Wenda Williamson) ( MB mp3) An 80s kindof dancetune With drums, bass, keyboards.. recorded live at the Paw Paw Fest in Athens, OH with Megan Cameron's band, Amethyst Stone.

Electric Harp Jam (Wenda Williamson) (1.89 MB mp3). My first attempt at multi-track recording done in 1996. I would call this "electro something or other." Not quite trance. Not quite dance. And definately older sounding, but.. cool.

Coming soon....

Clocks, by Coldplay Clocks, by Coldplay... Almost ready...

Smells Like Teen Spirit, by Nirvana

Wicked Game, by Chris Isaak

What is Love, by Haddaway

It's Been a While, by Staind

My originals

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Solo Classical Pedal Harp

La Source (Grandjanny) (3.36 MB mp3). This is a recording of me at my senior recital playing a full size pedal harp. The quality is poor but the piece is gorgeous. The "good" recording of this was erased by Vere Smith when I took the tape there to be copied!

That's it for now. My email is


-- Wenda Williamson