effects of incarceration on the families of the incarcerated

My primary interest in the sociology of corrections pertains to the social consequences of incarceration, specifically on the children of the incarcerated. As Braman (2007) and Bernstein (2005) show, our incarceration binge has led to collateral damage that many probably never considered – the impact of a parent’s incarceration on children. One of the strongest predictors of an absent father is due to that father being incarcerated. Additionally, one predictor of the child’s involvement with the criminal justice system is having a parent incarcerated. By incarcerating a generation of young men, we are creating larger and larger problems for ourselves as a society. I would like to obtain a grant and examine the efficacy of some of the programs currently in place to try to reduce these negative effects. There is much work to be done in this area, and my interests here are to apply theoretical concepts and my training in research methods and program evaluation to the real world.


craig wiernik
visiting assistant professor of sociology
department of sociology and anthropology
ohio university
111 bentley annex
athens, oh 45701
email: wiernik@ohio.edu