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Homework 6 Assignment
3 Books I Like

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3 Books I like

The first book I want to address is "Home Inspection Checklist - 111 Illustrated Checklists and worksheets You Need Before Buying a Home by Norman Becker, P.E." As you may know by now my interest is homes and that means everything about a home. If you are to know everything about a home then the best place to start is a home inspection manual. In this book it provides information for anyone that is looking to buy a home. It covers the interior, exterior, and the electromechanical side of the home. This book covers things like the roof, windows, doors, basement, bedrooms, the plumbing, electrical and heating. This book also give you the checklists to inspect up to three homes. That allows you to have a comparison on which home would be the least expensive. If you are looking to buy a home this is a good place to start.

The second book that I want to address is another home inspection book by the same author. It is "The Complete Book of Home Inspection, Third Edition, by Norman Becker, P.E." This book has twenty-one chapters and it goes into greater depth in the home inspections. It covers things like mold, drywall, swimming pools, sewage systems, garage door cables, plaster, chimney, termites, and much more. This is a book that will give you a closer look at the house you plan to buy to call home. Since your home is a major investment it is not one that you can afford to make a hasty or impulsive decision. This book will help you to make a wise and trusted choice so you are not buying a home because of your feelings but because of the quality.

The third book that I want to address goes inline with the purchasing of a home but not for you to live in, but instead as an investment. "Making Big Money Investing in Foreclosures Without Cash or Credit" is an excellent book by Peter Conti & David Finkel. In this book you will learn how to increase your income by up to $100,000 within the year by purchasing foreclosures. You will learn what a foreclosure is, how to work with the homeowner that is faced with a foreclosure. Plus, you will learn how to purchse these foreclosures without any cash or credit and you will learn about the pitfalls to avoid. This is a small book with only nine chapters about two hundred and sixty pages but it is packed with alot of information that can help you to succeed in investing in the home buying business.

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