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Everyone has an interest or two in life, right?

My interst in life is "Golfing"


Golfing is one of my favorite interests beside living life itself. For many people, golf is the sport of choice. While watching any number of sports may be a lot of fun, golfing often is a way that many people choose to spend much of their free time. What is so compelling about the sport of golf? Here are some reasons why I along with many other people enjoy playing golf whenever they can. Golfers have long known that playing golf is an excellent way to enjoy light exercise. Eighteen holes of golf mean at least a couple of hours spent outdoors, with plenty of fresh air and sunshine. While many people cringe at the idea of working out, golf is often a great way to get much needed exercise.

A golfer will often remark that part of the reason people enjoy playing golf is that the sport is a way to remove the mind from day to day cares. While planning a strategy on which club to use or how to execute a swing, there is not a lot of time to be worried about job related cares, or some minor ongoing situation that is happening within the family. Golfing provides an ideal way to stepping back from the cares of living, providing a much needed break. The emotional refreshment provided by hitting a few holes of golf will often make it easier to think through those difficult situations, possibly even discovering a solution after spending some time away from the matter.

Of all sports, golfing can be a great way to build social and business contacts. Many people enjoy playing golf to the point that a sales professional may treat a client to a Saturday morning round of golf. The time spent away from the office and the business environment can allow both parties to build a stronger rapport that will in turn spill over into the working relationship. Persons have found better jobs and gained customers while spending time on the course. The fact that two people both enjoy playing golf can be a foundation for better things to come.

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