Los Angeles, California at night I have never been to California but have always wanted to. I plan to take a vacation there someday. I love big cities and California has Los Angeles as well as Hollywood. California has a neat wax museum and the Hollywood Boulevard would be neat to see as well. I would also like the night life and activities of California. To the left, I have a picture of Los Angeles in the night time so you can see how beautiful it looks.

Malibu Beach in California My other reason for always wanting to visit California are the beaches. California has many nice beaches on the west coast such as Sonoma Coast, Malibu beach, Huntington beach, as well as many more. Another neat thing about California is that many famous actors live there so you could run into one. To the right, I have a picture of the beautiful Malibu beach which is one of the beaches I would like to visit.

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