My Favorite Books

Picture of the cover of Along Came A Spider by James Patterson

This is the first book in the Alex Cross series written by James Patterson. He is by far my favorite author. Patterson writes thrillers and his style of writing keeps you from putting the book down. There is alot of action in his books as well which I like. Along Came A Spider was about Washington D.C. detective Alex Cross who also has a Ph.D. in Psychology. Cross has to hunt down a psychopathic serial kidnapper and murderer named Gary Soneji. Soneji kidnaps a little girl, kills a family of three, and even kills an elementary school teacher. Soneji is so terrifying that the FBI, the Secret Service, and the police cannot even outsmart him, even after they captured him.

Picture of the cover of Dont Blink by James Patterson

Don't Blink is another James Patterson book. This however is not apart of a series and is a stand-alone book. It is about a journalist, Nick Daniels, who thinks he has gotten the interview that will make him big with former Yankee pitcher Dwayne Robinson. However, while waiting for Robinson to show up at the restaurant, Daniels witnesses the murder of an infamous mob lawyer which leaves him with a key piece of evidence. Daniels tries to help the police find the killer with his evidence but ends up being hunted himself by the mob. This book is full of action, suspense, and is very graphic at times.

Picture of the cover of Crocodile Tears by Anthony Horowitz

Crocodile Tears is the last book in my old favorite teenage series about Alex Rider. It was written by Anthony Horowitz who is my second favorite author behind Patterson. This book ends the series on the teenage spy Alex Rider. After being targeted by a hit-man and being threatened to have his past exposed to the media, Alex goes back to work for his old employer M16. They assign him with the mission of spying on activities at a GM crop plant charity where CEO Desmond McCain has evil intentions for the use of the money he receives. Alex ends up getting kidnapped and sent to Africa where he finds himself being manipulated n a deadly game that could result in the destruction of an entire African country. This book was full of action and had me fighting to stay awake at nights just to read and find out more.

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