Last summer I went on vacation to Lake Erie. The first day I was there I took a ferry over to an island. There were three main options of transportation available to tourists walking, bikes, and golf carts. I choose to rent a golf cart so I would be able to do some hiking. While I was there I saw what the glaciers had done to some rocks and the bedrock. It was very interesting to see what the glaciers had done.

On the second day I visited the Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum. The museum is the house he was born in and is furnished like it was during 1847. It was full of his early inventions and family mementos. I also went to a lighthouse museum. It was full of pictures and parts of wrecked ships. They were both very educational.

On the third day I went to the water park side of Ceder Point to see the fourth of July fireworks. While I was waiting some boats started to line up off the beach. As more came in my expectations rose and I thought that they would be the best fire works I had ever seen. When it came time for the fire works to be set off there were only about five! I was extremely disappointed because the ones in Lancaster are always much better.

On the fourth day I went to the Cleveland Zoo. First I went into the rain forest exhibit. Then I went to the main part of the zoo. I walked around and looked at all the exhibit and had some things to eat. Then I got lost around closing time which for some reason was around five in the afternoon. I did not know that at the time because I did not have any thing that told the time on me. I thought some thing was wrong because the place was completely empty. When I found the exit I realized that the zoo was closing.

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