Hi my name is Travis Maddux, I am a CTCH major. One of my interests is programming. I know multiple programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, C, C++, Java, and Action Script. Most of the programs I have made never were finished since it is just a hobby for me and I usually stop working on them or take a break when I lose interest.

One of my older projects was a widget and windowing system for Linux. It was programmed completely in C and wrote directly to the frame buffer for display on the monitor. I also wrote the drawing and input drivers for it. It was probably the largest program and library I have written. It was also very hard to make sense documentation for the Linux frame buffer device was very sparse and all the examples I could find where somewhat conflicting. It was very enjoyable though and was a good lesson in debugging.

Another one of my projects is newer. It is a 3D render for a game I am planing to make. It is a mix of C and C++ using C++ mostly for the operator overloading support for the vector and matrix math library. It uses OpenGL to interact with the video card. I know that it works on Linux and I'm not sure about Windows. So far it looks worse than a 15 year old game but works well and uses some modern concepts. So far it has been a good learning experience for me since I have never made this type of program. For that matter I have rewritten it three times and in the middle of the fourth.

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