Tiffany R. McFee

I have many goals for my nursing career, both short and longterm. I have started a new track in my career in utilization review, on the insurance side. Many of my short term goals has to do with gaining knowledge in this area. I will be learning and looking for ways to increase my opportunities to branch out. Through this position and my bachelor of science courses I have learned that I do have a passion for teaching. My long term goal is to develope a training program to improve the the quality of nursing care and documentation.

As a high school sophomore I evaluated my future career as a nurse. My local career center offered a Licensed Practical Nurse program for juniors and seniors that I was really interested in. My guidance counselors told me that it was a terrible choice since I had excellent grades; they encouraged me to finish traditional high school and then attend college for my two-year nursing degree. My thought was, why not get a begining degree to earn more than minimum wage to continue my education? And that is what I did. I have since continued my education step-by-step with my BSN in the summer of 2011. I have no plans to ever stop my nursing education, but maybe just to slow down a bit while I raise my Children :) I have attended Ohio University for all my education after LPN.

I have experience in three areas of nursing: geriatrics, psychiatric, and utilization review. Caring Most of my experience has been in longterm care facilities as an LPN geriatric nurse. I started as an LPN right out of high school, only seventeen years old! It was very tough being in a position of leading others who were old enough to be my mother, and let me now it! However, it did become my passion for many years afterwards.
Mental Health As I completed the last quarter of my associates degree in nursing I became interested in psychiatric nursing which led to a position on a geriatric psychiatry unit. I loved every minute of it and learned so much in that position. I realized that our population of geriatrics is changing and growing rapidly! Mental health plays a key role in physical health as well, the two are closely related.
From that positioned I moved into a utilization review role advocating for patient care and needs. This was a whole new ballgame! I realized that insurance companies can be ruthless and uncaring! I also learned how to tell a story in the "right" way to gain the care a patient was in bad need of. It is very difficult to see the line between levels of care, and knowing a patient would benefit from hospitalization but not being able to convince the insurance companies.
I currentl work for a contractor with the state of Ohio inpatient mental health medicaid recipients. I review precertification forms for medical necessity, perform post-payment reviews, and chart audits for quality of care.


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