Discussion Topic: Wikileaks

The article and link below address cases involving wikileaks. Read the article and browse the link.  

After reading, use the forum below to discuss the topic. Questions to address include:
         What are the facts of the wikileaks situation?
         What are the ethical responsibilities of the web site authors?
         What are  the ethical responsibilities of the people who supply the documents to wikileaks?
         What are  the ethical responsibilities of people who read wikileaks?
         What are  the ethical responsibilities of news organizations that report on the contents of wikileaks?
         Is a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack against wikileaks an ethical response?
         Is the decision by financial sites to end their servicing of wikileaks payments an ethical response?

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Discussion Reminders

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Discussion Board Guidelines:
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        Be respectful of all participants.
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        Don't post anything that you're not comfortable sharing.
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