Discussion Topic: Teachers on Social Media

The two articles below address the interaction between teachers and students on social networks. Read both articles.  Find and read another article on the same topic.

After reading, use the forum below to discuss the topic. Questions to address include:
                              Should teachers friend students in social media?
                                                     Does the age of the students make a difference in your answer?
                                                     If a teacher friends a student, should the teacher let the student see all his or her postings?
                                                     If a teacher has known the student for many years as a family friend, would that change your answer?
                              Should a school be able to fire a teacher who criticize the school online?
                              What should a teacher do if he or she reads a student's post that makes fun of another student?

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Discussion Reminders

At a minimum, you must post at least one original comment and at least one reply to someone else's comment.  You are strongly encouraged to post more than these minimum requirements

Discussion Board Guidelines:
        Use polite language.
        Be respectful of all participants.
        Comment on the content of posts - don't comment on the person who posted.
        Be aware that everyone can read what you post, even after the class ends. 
        Don't post anything that you're not comfortable sharing.
        If you discuss a real life situation, do not include names or other identifying information.