The Repertoire is a place where we post videos for students to discuss.We will post one video each week for students to think about and further reflect on the content they have learned each week. Our videos are resources from the Internet which need the learner to go to external site to watch like Youtube and some other sites that provide videos on our computer ethics topic. Please follow the instructions of this section and complete your video viewing and reflection section of each week.

Week1. Please watch this video on CommonSense website and discuss the following questions with your group members.

  • What are the things that are considered illegal downloading in this video?
  • Can you summarize some characteristics of illegally downloading?
  • What is the punishment for that according to U.S. copyright law?
  • What are the consequences of illegally downloaded materials done to your computer?
  • What can you do to inhibit illegally downloading?


This website is designed with material from different websites with the sole purpose of completing a class project on Mobile Learning. This is solely used for EDCT 793M class project. If you have questions any questions regarding this website please contact us at or Once the project is complete the website will be accessed by log-in information.