Scenario 1:Log-In & Log-Off

Jules has walked away from a lab computer without logging off. Trish sits down and, still logged in as Jules, sends inflammatory e-mail messages out to a number of students and posts similar messages on the class newsgroup.

1. What is the problem here?

2. What was Trish suppose to do?

3. Next time before leaving a computer what would you do?

Scenario 2:Users Online

It seems like every time Melanie logs on to her account, Stanley knows about it and sends messages that cover her screen with text. At first she thinks it is funny, but now its really starting to bother her. The messages reformat the text on her screen and, besides, its kind of creepy the way he always knows she’s logged on.

1. What is going on in this scenario?

2. Is it acceptable for Stanley to interrupt Melanie everytime she log-in?

3. Why is it important to respect one another's privacy?

Scenario 3:Server Access


Marla figures out that when she is logged into the server she can look at others' directories, make copies of files, and deposit new files. The operating system was designed to allow this functionality so that people could share their work. Mr. Klausinsky objects when he observes Marla poking around in another student's directory. But Marla responds by saying, “If the system allows me to do it and there's no specific rule against it, what's the problem?”

1. What is the problem?

2. Is Marla's thinking acceptable?

3. Why is it wrong to access other people's files without their consent?

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