Scenario1 : Everyone Wants Friends

Eve is searching friends on Facebook. She wants to find people who are in the same major and make friends with them. She added about ten people as her friends on Facebook. Steve is sitting next to her and saw she friended those people on Facebook. When he sees Eve is adding Stephen, he stops her, "Are you freaking crazy? Don't friend Stephen, he is a jerk!" Coincidentally, Stephen just passes by and heard that. Jamie sees this all from afar.
  • What the problem is? Who is bullying and how?
  • Why Steve doesn't want Eve friends with Stephen?
  • What Jamie is thinking?
  • What do you think Jamie should react?

Scenario2: The Power of Words 

Rani and Aruna rush home after school many days to play on their favorite Web site. The Web site has games, chat, and messaging for kids. Their parents let them play on the site, but Rani and Aruna haven’t told their parents that every day for two weeks they see messages to them that are mean. They don't understand why they see these but can't help feeling bad.
“I hate you!”
“You are ruining the game!”
“You are so stupid.”
“You are fat.”
“I am going to beat you up.”

  • What the problem is? How do you think Rani and Aruna feel when they read those messages?
  • How would you feel if you knew every time you logged on to play your favorite game, you might get messages like these?
  • What can you do if this case happened to you?

Scenario3: Not a Pretty Picture

Jaleesa and Kim are friends at Jefferson Middle School. Kim tells Jaleesa that she doesn’t want to hang out with her any more. Jaleesa is angry and upset. She uploads a photo of Kim from her cell phone that was taken at a slumber party two weeks earlier. Jaleesa sends the photo to everyone on her buddy list with a message attached: “Kim is such a ****.”
  • What’s the Problem? How do you think Kim felt? 
  • What might the kids who received the e-mail think of Kim and Jaleesa? What role the Internet plays in this case study?
  • What should Kim do? How would you advise her? Write some ideas below.

Scenario4: Who, Me? Why Should I Care?

Kevin sends his friend José a short video he made at home—a reenactment of a famous fantasy movie scene. José, laughing at how Kevin looks, shows it to some other boys at school. The boys laugh at Kevin too and decide to post it on a video-sharing Web site. Millions of people view Kevin’s video. Nasty comments are posted. Every day, Kevin goes online to check and sees more comments like “idiot” and “fat nerd.” Every day, he goes to school and hears more cruel comments from his classmates.
  • What’s the Problem? Imagine someone telling an embarrassing secret about you in front of a bunch of kids at school.
  • What is the effect when something goes on the Internet? Now imagine someone posting an embarrassing secret about you on the Internet.
  • How can you solve the problem? What could you say to or do for Kevin? and José?
  • What could you say to the other kids at school who viewed the video and left cruel comments?

Scenario5: Connected

A group of girls were fighting with one of their friends, Nicole. They created a “Rate Nicole” group on a social networking site. They posted embarrassing photos of Nicole from middle school and high school and invited their hundreds of “friends” to join the group to look at the photos, and tell Nicole how she stacked up. Cruel and crude comments were posted on the group’s message board. One message said that some girls were planning to beat up Nicole. At school, Nicole got text messages on her cell phone saying, “Take a look at what everyone thinks of you.”
  • What's the problem? What Nicole will feel when she saw the the cruel and crude comments?
  • What Nicole will feel when she got the message which says that the girls were planning to beat her up?
  • What would you do if you were Nicole in this case?

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