Welcome to Blog section!

In this section, you are required to write a weekly blog on a certain top given by the instructor.

Please follow the steps and get ready!

1. Set up a blog account
    Your blog provider can be Google's Blogger, or Wordpress, or other blogging sites that you feel attractive to.

2. Give your blog a name which is related to our Computer Ethics class.

3. Complete your first blog
    Write your first blog to share your overall feelings, opinions, or suggestions, questions, and concerns on our class. In the following week,

4. Write your weekly blog on time
    The instructor will provide a specific topic on this blogging section and you are required to write on this topic in your blog. Please finish your blog posting by each week's on Sat 12AM EST so that students will have time to look at others' blog at the weekend.

4. Read and comment your peers blog frequently.
    The students' blog URL will be listed here in this section after students complete their first blog. Please go to your classmates' blogs, read and comment on their blog entries.