The place I enjoy most, that i've been to already, has to be on the beaches of Key West, Florida. This place has amazing beaches and very attractive buildings. Most of the houses are white and small in size, but cost almost as much as a fairly large house in Ohio. The price of these houses are well worth it though if you want to live in a amazing area.

Picture of the hotel we stayed at.
These are two pictures that are on my camera from when
I went to Florida. The one on the right is a photo of me
standing by the light house on Key West beach. The
picture on the left is a photo I took standing right
outside of the beach entrance doors of our hotel. Picture of me by the lighthouse.

The air is so much more tolerable in Florida, it is more hot there, but the humidity is so much lower. The breeze from the ocean makes the beaches more tolerable and more enjoyable. This breeze lasts pretty much all throughout the state. Sitting directly in the sun in Florida, feels almost like a 80 degree day in Ohio.

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