For me, cooking is a passion. My skill set is nowhere near as good as it will be in a few years but I love it. I love it when I successfully put together a dish, and even though I'll curse at myself for hours when I fail I still love it. I also enjoy cooking because it is a way to help people understand the food and minerals ushered through the earth. The knowledge of knowing where your food came from, how it is grown or raised to me is one of the most fascinating things that I can learn as well as I feel is important to understand. I feel that if people can understand the food we eat, then they can be more inclined to preserve the way it comes to us which is actually giving back to the earth for what we take from it.

Charity/Volunteer work is something I really enjoy. Not only does it offer a feel-good factor but it also really makes a difference by helping the people who need it most. Charity is one of the lessons we can give ourselves in humility. To be on the receiving end of charity is also an amazing experience, to know that there are people who do not look down on you and want to help. To me Charity is one of the core parts of any community because it is the link between the 'higher' people and the 'lower' people and recognizing them as being of equal value as human beings. Without charity you cannot have community because everyone is only looking to benefit themselves. But charity work isn't easy. You need passion, commitment and dedication, as well as a willingness to get the job done, no matter what it takes. But it's also one of the most rewarding sectors of all to work in. I highly recommend volunteering at some point of your life in order to understand the impact giving back can bring.

Travelling is one of those things in life I greatly enjoy as it definitely increases people’s knowledge and experience. Since elementary school people start learning the different history lessons of other countries but never get the opportunity to experience the various cultures and understand the stories behind those lessons. Money is spent by so many ways invaluable and without memory and if only a portion of the money spent on shoes or hair products, automobiles and other items not of necessity, so many more worldly experiences could be endured. I also enjoy the relaxation of travelling. When experiencing new places and people, it is a wonderful feeling as well. The beauty of world, its enlightenment brings such a feeling of richness and fulfillment.

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