Homework 3

This summer I would like to go on vacation. If I would have the opportunity to do so, there are three ideal vacations destinations; New York City, Myrtle Beach, or the Grand Canyon.

New York City would be a great place to visit. Times Square is also referred to as the crossroads of the world. It has tons of shops and restaurants. At night, the signs and advertisements seem to make it as bright as in daylight.

A classic summer vacation is Myrtle Beach. Speaking from experience, there are a multitude of places to eat and many differnt places to visit, such as Ripleys Aquarium and Ripleys Museum. Not to mention the beautiful beaches. Nothing is more relaxing to me than sitting on the beach, playing in the tide, or walking along the beach in the morning.

The final option is the Grand Canyon. I have never seen it but have heard that it is something that you have to experience. This would also allow me to drive across country and see the side of the country that I have never seen before. I think that a cross-country drive would be a relaxing trip.

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