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Smart Shopping

Students can spend alot of money on books needed for the semester. You should check on purchasing used books either through your school or online so that you can get a better deal. You should also consider renting your book. If you have to purchase your book at full price, dont forget that the bookstore will possibly buy it back from you at the end of the semester!

Stay On Top of Assignments

Review your syllabi the moment you recieve them. Plan in advance when you are going to work on papers, homework and assignments. do not wait until the last minute because you might need more time than you thought.

Dont Freak Out

You are going to be stressed out at times, its inevitable. If you have been studying for 8 hours straight and feel like you might lose your mind, take a break! Find a way to relieve your stress. Go for a walk, call a friend, or go out to eat at your favorite restaurant for a little while. Relieving your mind will help!

Meet Friends

You need friends to survive college! Try to make a new friend in every class. That way you can both help each other out if any problems occur. College friends can also help you to pick out which classes/professors would be better for you and are great for needing someone to hang out with.

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