Broadband developed from a need for greater amounts of information to be transmitted across the internet. If you imagine a tunnel with hundreds of cars attempting to pass through at the same time, that''s what using the internet with a 56k dial-up connection was like. The answer to this scenario would be to add extra lanes, and this is how broadband was designed. Broadband relates to high-speed Internet access. It is basically a fast internet connection that is always on. It allows a user to send emails, download images and music, watch videos, surf the web, and a whole lot more.

You may gain access through Broadband through one of the following methods:

Broadband has been made available to 90 percent of Americans through private investment. Over $120 billion dollars has been invested in the past few years to make available the best possible internet.

Broadband access is faster than dial-up and different because it provides higher speed of data transmission and allows more content to be carried. It also is always on, does not block phone lines and there is no need to reconnect to network after logging off.

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