[PDF] GPS Integration

Use FreeMat in conjunction with a standard GPS unit for real-time data collection, mapping & processing! I've used this to collect terrain data for drive cycle simulation in the development of the HPUV, as well as tracking speed and position data to map out my favorite bicycle routes.


[PDF] Numerical Methods

A basic introduction to using FreeMat to apply various numerical methods to real-world problems. This text gives a bunch of coding examples, while explaining the basics of how different numerical methods work. This is very much a work-in-progress - a collaboration between Gary Schafer and me


Affordable A/D Converter

Use FreeMat and Audacity to record data from a wireless unit you can build yourself. I've used this to build my own dynamometer/testing platform to test the Beale CVT transmission. You can also use it to record data from any analog voltage source (thermocouples, thermistors, strain name it!)


Script Library

During my regular use of FreeMat, I've also wound up writing a few scripts to help with common tasks (especially with respect to data manipulation). Here are the ones I've found to be really useful (to use, simply save the m-file to one of your FreeMat working directories)