ME 288

Video Tutorials

Basic video walkthroughs of various useful concepts and techniques.

Course Documents

Here are the ME 288 Goals for ABET.
Equations and Tables reference
Ten Commandments of Good Drafting
Pocket Guide for GD & T, reproduced here with permission
GD & T Reference Sheet
Guide for making professional plots
Practice Final Exam - goals from syllabus indicated in red

Lecture Notes

These notes will supplement the lecture material and prepare you for class.

Basic Statistics
Histogram, Probability Density Function
Normal Probability, Cumulative Probability Distribution
Chauvenet's Criterion, Uncertainty in Mean Value
Regression, Method of Least Squares
Multivariate Uncertainty Propagation


These are the Homework Assignments, to be turned in in hard copy in class.

Homework 1, due 4/10/2012
Homework 2 & Mini Project 1, due 4/17/2012 and 4/19/2012, respectively
Homework 3, due 5/2/2012
Homework 4, due 5/15/2012
Mini-Project 2, due 5/17/2012
Homework 5, due 5/24/2012
Extra Credit HW
Homework 6, due 5/28/2012
Homework 7, due 5/31/2012
Final Exam (Take-Home portion), due in hard copy at the final exam


Useful links to software, tutorials and other pertinent information:

FreeMat - The free, Open-Source analysis environment!
SciDavis - The free, Open-Source plotting/statistics environment!