ET 181

Note: Default port number for both SSH and SFTP connections is 22.

PuTTY - an Open-Source SSH Client. To connect to condor, simply type as the hostname, make sure the connection type is SSH, and click 'Open'

Notepad++ - an Open-Source programming enviroment for many different languages. This program will automatically detect your programming language of choice, and add color markup and extra functionality to the editor accordingly. If you save a .cpp file with this and copy it to condor via FTP (or SCP), it should be compatible. You can always then open the file in the vi editor to make sure the file's integrity was maintained.

WinSCP - Open-Source FTP-ish program. Simply enter as the hostname, and fill in your username and password (don't worry about the private key file). Make sure the file protocol selected is SFTP, and click Login. Bear in mind that deleting files in here is the same as deleting them via an SSH connection, and files cannot be recovered.