The books listed below were a great read for me. I have read all 11 books just in this last year. This for me is a great thing. The series True Blood on HBO is based on these books. It’s hard for me to find books that I like, but these books have a little bit of everything in them. There are mythical creatures like vampires, fairies, and people that can turn into werewolves, panthers, and other animals. There is romance among the three main characters, who are Sookie, Bill and Eric.

Sookie thought that she was just a different kind of person because she could read other peoples thoughts. It was really hard for her to know things about people, things she did not want to know. Everyone in the town knows what she is cable of doing and some hated her for it. Before she meets Bill she was ok with her life as it was. After she meets Bill she finds out that there is a whole other world out there; a world she didn’t know existed. In the vampire a vampire has to declare a human as theirs so that no one else can feed from them.

Sookie Bill and Eric have a love triangle going on. Eric wants Sookie because Bill has her. In the beginning Bill goes after Sookie because his queen wants to find out more information on her. Who she is and what she can do. Then Bill falls in love with her and does not want to report back to his queen about what he has learned. Eric has Bill make Sookie do some jobs for him to find out thing on people because of her being able to read minds. It gets her into a lot of danger, but she also get to see parts of the world. She travels to a big vampire meeting because Eric thinks that she can be useful to him with the humans that travel with his enemy’s.

Eric is the area sheriff of Bon Temps for the vampires. Along the way, Sookie founds out that Bill has been lying to her about how they came to meet and she pushes him away. Then she starts to get closer to Eric. She finds that he really has feelings for her.

Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Series Author Charlaine Harris

  1. Dead Until Dark (2001)
  2. Living Dead in Dallas (2002)
  3. Club Dead (2003)
  4. Dead to the World (2004)
  5. Dead as a Doornail (2005)
  6. Definitely Dead (2006)
  7. All Together Dead (2007)
  8. From Dead to Worse (2008)
  9. Dead and Gone (2009)
  10. Dead in the Family (2010)
  11. Dead Reckoning (2011)

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