I have two dream places. One of my dream places is to be outside under the clear night starry sky. To see the stars as far as my eyes will let me. The openness of the world as you look up to an endless sky, to hear the sound of the bugs all around you. While looking at the open space, your mind can image that it sees things in the stars. It makes my mind wonder about all of the possibilities that there are in life. To lie out under the stars is my great escape from the worries of the day. When I was younger I would walk for hours just looking up at the sky. It is amazing to see the earth move right in front of you while you are watching.

My other dream place is a big house out in the country, away from everything, with enough space to fit my family and me, there is three of us and one dog. I want my two boys to have their own room to design it in any way that they want. They each want to have a pet that is just theirs. Some place where my kids can call home. People need their own space to make theirs, to feel total comfortable in. I want to be able to hang something on the wall without wondering just how much it is going to cost me to fix it when I move out. A big fenced in back yard where our dog, Anastasia, can run and play without being stuck on a 10 ft. chain. Bond fires in the back yard surrounded by friends and family with my boys laughing in the background. Watching the kids running around in the back yard catching fireflies.

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