Sookie Stockhouse Books This is a collection of some of the books that I have been reading. They are written by Charlaine Harris and the series is called The Sookie Stackhouse Novels. If you want to read something that grabs you and makes you want to hold onto something, then this is the books you may want to read. These books kind of tough at the mind and make your imagination go wild with the vampire, shape-shifter, mind-reading and blood thirsty. If you have an open mind as I do when I read I can see it play out in my mind like a movie. When I have had a really bad day I can read and it all just goes away.

Equipment my kids have used These are just a few of the different sports equipment that I have lying around my house. Since there is a 3-year difference between my oldest child and my youngest child, any sports that they play they will never be on the same team. The teams go by age groups. In the different groups they have to have specific equipment. For baseball you have to have the right size bat and glove. When picking a bat out look at the length and the weight of it for your child. Like my oldest son’s baseball bat is 29 inch long, and my youngest son’s bat is 24 inches long. For soccer you have to look at the hardness of the ball. I love going to the boys’ games and cheering them on. To see them laughing and having fun and getting dirty like boys should do. Being a part of a team is a good way for a child to build self-esteems.

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