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Introductory Courses
Geol 1010: Introduction to Geology
Nature and distribution of earth materials and their utilization as natural resources; discussion of earth structure, earthquakes, mountain building, and plate tectonics; development of landscapes. Lecture and laboratory.
Geol 2210: Earth and Life History
A nontechnical survey exploring the 4.5 billion-year history of the interaction between life and the environment. Topics include the origin of the Earth, the origin and development of life, the origin and evolution of the continents, the history of the atmosphere and ocean, catastrophic extinctions, and the impact of human evolution. Flipped Classroom model (online lectures, in-class activities).. Offered each Spring semester.
Courses in the Geological Sciences Major Program
Geol 2550: Historical Geology
An introduction to the geologic history of the Earth, emphasizing the tectonic, stratigraphic, and climatic record of North America. Lecture and laboratory.
Geol 3400: Principles of Paleontology
Introduction to paleontology emphasizing paleontologic theory and the study of the morphology and biologic relationships of key groups preserved in the fossil record. Lecture, laboratory, and field trip. Offered each Fall semester.
Advanced Courses
Geol 4430: Paleobiogeography
Theoretical principles of for biogeographic analysis of fossil taxa including both historical and ecological biogeography, survey of biogeographic methods, and analyses of case studies including implications for evolutionary studies and biodiversity dynamics. Lecture and discussion. Offered Fall semester of odd numbered years.
Geol 4480: Paleoecology
Principles of ecology applied to interpretation of the fossil record including ecological convergence, community paleoecology, coordinated stasis, diversity gradients, mass extinctions, and relationship to macroevolution. Both theoretical and practical aspects of paleoecology emphasized. Lecture, discussion, and field trip. Offered Fall semester of even numbered years.
Geol 4540: Carbonate Depositional Systems
The study of carbonate rocks in the modern and geologic record. Topics include origin of carbonate sediment, patterns and processes of carbonate deposition and diagenesis, depositional models, and applications to the interpretation of carbonate rocks. Lecture, laboratory, and field trip. Offered on an irregular basis.
Geol 4541: Carbonate Depositional Systems II: Carbonates of San Salvador, Bahamas
Field study of modern and Pleistocene carbonate rocks and depositional environments on San Salvador Island, Bahamas. Involves a week long field trip during spring break and a post-field project. Offered on an irregular basis.



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